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I have this question: Which is the smallest unit of measurement for temperature? One Celsius degree: one Kelvin:one Fahrenheit. I think it is Kelvin but I can't find anywhere in my book where it refers to that. When I google all three it says Celsius & Kelvin is the same. Can someone give me a link please. Thanks

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    consider from freezing to boiling of water

    K 273-373 100 difference
    C 0-100 100 difference
    F 32-212 180 difference
    If there are more F, it must be smaller.

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    Thank you for taking the time to answer...didn't thin temp wise. Have a good night.

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    Well, one Kelvin is well below freezing and one Fahrenheit is a little below freezing, and one Celsius is a little above freezing, so one Kelvin must be the smallest measurement for temperature.

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