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An aircraft travels through the air with a velocity of 200m/s due east. It is found to be travelling over the ground with a velocity of 220m/s in a direction of 20(degree) south of east.The difference between the two is due to thw wind velocity.

What is the wind velocity?

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    draw the figure. For wind speed, use the law of cosines:

    make certain from your diagram you understand that.

    Now, the hard part, the direction. Label the diagram, ABC, where A is at the origin, and you go CLOCKWISE around the triangle. You need angle B or C, then convert that to axis angles.
    Lets do angle B.

    Law of sines:
    solve for angle B. Now, that is the angle in the triangle. The direction then is, since it is measured against an axis, the direction is 90-B South of East. Check that carefully.

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