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Reading The Stranger by the lovely Albert Camus.

Just need help understanding this question:

-After I listed some themes I explored, my teacher asks:

"Given the themes you listed, are any conventions questioned based on the treatment of a given theme? Describe how one or more conventions are put into question.

I just need help understanding the question, not looking for answers, Thanks~

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    Conventions are the given norms in a society or culture. You get a broader definition of that term here: http://www.answers.com. Keep scrolling down to read entries from many different dictionaries.

    One convention in American culture before the 1960s was that families stayed together as a unit. I know that's a generalization, but it was reflected in the 1940 census all over the country.

    What can you think of in Camus's society or culture that he seems to be trying to "shoot down" in this work?

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