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1. Do you think there is very much practical chemistry in today's world? Can you give any examples?

2. When you use different materials, what are they most likely to be made from: Elements, compounds, or mixtures? Which of the three is most rare.

please help... I don't get it... Thanks

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    Plastic, glass, metal alloys, medicines, ...

    Most often, mixtures of compounds. most rare is elements.

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    1.If you drive a car, you're utilizing the potential energy stored in octane molecules to move your vehicle.

    If you made toast this morning, you oxidized the surface of the bread.

    If you watch color TV, the colors on the screen are due to electrons being excited by high-energy beams of light.

    If you get hot and run the air conditioner, the air is cooled by the compression of a substance called freon.

    If you use anything plastic, you're taking advantage of polymer chemistry.

    If you take any medications, your life could depend on chemistry.

    If you put anti-freeze in your car, you take advantage of the fact that it lowers the freezing point of water.

    If you cook things in a microwave, you are taking advantage of the fact that high energy, invisible light is exciting water molecules.

    If you wear synthetic fabrics, thank a chemist. -lucas c
    2. mixtures of compounds. most rare is elements

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    Ms Rena

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