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the inside of the book shelf is 59in high. the five shelves in it are equally spaced and each shelf is 1in thick. what is the tallest book you can put on a shelf?

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    With there being 5 shelves in the bookcase and each one taking up an inch of space inside the bookcase, there are 54 inches of space available. (59 - 5 = 54)

    This number is the amount of available shelf space to put books. With 5 shelves, there are 6 spaces to put books. Divide the amount of available shelf space by the number of spaces:

    54 / 6 = 9 inches for each space

    It would probably be helpful to draw a picture at this point to better understand the problem better; in the drawing, it is clear that the tallest book you can put on a shelf is 9 inches high.

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