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True or False:

1. A region near the ocean will be cooler than a region inland of the same latitude.

2. The tundra is an area of cold climate with low-lying vegetation. (true?)

3. The climate of highland regions gets colder and colder as you go higher. (false?)

4. Temperate climates have extremely cold winters. (false?)

  • History? Geography? Science? -

    Two of the three of your answers are correct.

  • History -

    Both. There's not much to elaborate on.As a gaeernl rule (one that has been followed for centuries), when it is cold outside, wear a coat. When it is warm outside, take the coat off.The Earth's climate has warmed and it has Cooled, many times over many millions of years with . and without . Man.Don't let the AGW hippies fool you.

  • History -

    1. A region near the ocean will be cooler than a region inland of the same latitude.

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