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Art Northern European Renaissance

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Match with the correct word

1. The Renaissance coincided with dog
2. Van Eyck's paintings lack any reference to this eating
3. Brueghel’s detailed portraits of daily life are called the Protestant reformation
4. The people he liked to paint peasants
5. In the paintingThe Wedding, each person is a genre
6. The real subject is classical antiquity
7. The animal in the painting is a heroic
8. InTriumph of Death, humanity is not virtuoso
9. performer of exceptional technical skill

Word bank:
the Protestant reformation
classical antiquilty

everytime i turn this in a get them wrong. the lesson i read over doesnt have anything like this on it.

  • Art Northern European Renaissance -

    Make the correct match.

    1. art enabled new understandings in this field (Jan van Eyck)
    2. credited with being the founder of Renaissance painting in the Netherlands distance
    3. his most famous painting depicts sin and redemption (vanishing)
    4. he brought Germany into the mainstream of Renaissance art (mathematical)
    5. objects appear to get smaller when this increases (Hieronymus Bosch)
    6. orthogonal line are not this on canvas but are in the world (Albert Dürer)
    7. the single point in a picture where all parallel lines that run from the viewer to the horizon line appear to (converge parallel)
    8. the Ghent Altarpiece is this (polyptych)

    what is marked are my answers. once again they are not right

  • Art Northern European Renaissance -

    You obviously do not know the meanings of these terms. Please look them up and try again.

    To start you out --

    1. The Renaissance coincided with the Protestant Reformation.

    3. Brueghel’s detailed portraits of daily life are called genre.

  • Art Northern European Renaissance -

    think about it the animal in the painting is a dog

  • Art Northern European Renaissance -


  • Art Northern European Renaissance -

    That's way too confusing lmao ^^^

  • Art Northern European Renaissance -


  • Art Northern European Renaissance -

    Your answers are all wrong. Check them again please.

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