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Do you buy James Madison's argument in Federalist 10 and Federalist 51 that separating powers among various inter-connected governments is a successful cure of the "mischief of factions?" Can one faction gain control of enough of our political system to diminish the common good? Provide examples of where you believe this has occurred or explain why you think James Madison is correct? Think about this in the light of the Tea Party's complaint that the Federal Government has been taken over by a faction seeking to impose their version of healthcare reform on the states in contradiction of the Tenth Amendment.

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    I'll be delighted to comment on your answer.

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    I do believe that separating the powers among various inter-connected governments is a successful cure because it prevents one branch of government from becoming too powerful over another. I don’t think one branch can completely take over but I think sometimes they find ways around the rules to get away with things.

    I’m not sure what to use as an example

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    I think the Tea Party movement itself is an example of a "mischief of factions." This far-right group wields such power among most Republican politicians that they've abandoned much of their moderate constituents. I know of several lifelong Republicans who will not vote for Republicans in this election.

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