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1. I want to tell him to draw as many cartoons as possible.

2. I want to tell him to draw many cartoons.

3. I want to tell him to draw many comic books.

4. I want to tell him to spend a lot of time drawing pictures.

5. I want to tell him to read as many comic books as possible.

6. I want to tell him to take a cartoon lesson.

7. I want to tell him to go to a private insititute to learn to draw cartoons.

(Would you correct errors in the sentences above? Thank you.)

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    Again, all are correct.

    Yayy!!! =)

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    describe the people of Herot from grendels point of view.

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    i came from the revinue i lived in a tiny shoe dili dili do your wrong she hates you DILI DILI DILI

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