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do these make sense?

1. Aller a un centre commercial ou un cafe.

2. Ils aller au cineama et faire des videos.

3. Jouer au tennis wet nager.

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    1. Mme Smith descend le bus.
    2.Vous se promene le jardin.
    4.M. et Mme Smith achete l'appareil photo.
    5. Cheri, tu na pas aime le sandwich.

    For 3, How would you say we dropped the camera in water? nous means we correct?

  • French(Again) -

    In your first group -- why did you use the infinitive forms of the verbs? The verbs should agree with their subjects in number and case.

    In the second group, 1 is correct. In the next two, your verbs don't agree with your subjects. I don't know what you mean in 5 when you use "na."

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