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Can you help me compare and contrast liberal vs. conservative ideologies. Also, I need to provide a social and political example argument for each.

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    I'm assuming you mean in the United States, right?


    Read, read, read. Take good notes, using a separate page for each ideology.

    Here are some ideas about how to organize your ideas and write up your thoughts:

    Whenever you are writing a comparison/contrast paper (paragraph, essay, research paper), you need to plan it out very carefully on paper first.

    Try this:

    1. Write all the notes and information about one of your topics on one page.
    2. Write all the notes and information about the other topic on another page.
    3. Then put them together in this order:

    1. Intro
    2. All about topic A
    ~~~2A. detail 1
    ~~~2B. detail 2
    ~~~2C. detail 3
    ~~~2D. detail 4
    ~~~2E. detail 5
    3. All about topic B
    ~~~3A. detail 1
    ~~~3B. detail 2
    ~~~3C. detail 3
    ~~~3D. detail 4
    ~~~3E. detail 5
    4. Concl.

    The number of details for each topic will vary depending on your main points. I would include comparisons (how they are similar) in the introduction and conclusion, but sections 2 and 3 and all those details will be stating and explaining how they are different.

    There are two recognized patterns for writing comparison/contrast papers. One is casually referred to as "zig-zag,” but can be very confusing for the reader if you don’t use transitions effectively. The other is topic-by-topic (which is what I've outlined above) and is much easier for the reader to follow.

    See for further help with comparison/contrast writing.

    Once you have organized your information, please re-post if you’d like feedback from someone here.

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    PS -- Don't forget to check out all the links and references at the bottom of each Wikipedia page. Those are often just FILLED with good information.

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