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The boys on the soccer team will go across the street, through the valley, and into the park. What is the adjective phrase?
Beyond that hill sits a house without a roof. adverb phrase is
millions of stars form a galaxy,and between any two stars there are light years of space. what is the prepositional phrase
When galaxies move near each other, gravity pulls them out of shape. what is the prepositional phrase.
The great arms of that galaxy become twisted what is the prepositional phrase
when one galaxy's gas and dust pass on top of another galaxy's black hole, the matter is sicked into a whirlpool/ what is the prepositional phrase
What form of written analysis defines a topic?
During the thinderstorm. adjective or adverb?
In this drawer- adjective or adverb
Of brushing and flossing- adjective or adverb
For antibiotics- adjective or adverb
We walked through the aisles "of the supermarket."what word does ("") modify?
They stopped along the road "for five minutes" what word does ("") modify
The artist drew a sketch "of the new building" what word does ("") modify?
This is the most interesting flower "in the exotic flower show" what word does ("") modify?

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    Study the terms "phrase," "prepositional phrase," "adjective," and "adverb" carefully. Then let us know what YOU THINK the answer for each one is. Someone here will be happy to check your work.

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    Now I just need help with the last 4. I don't understand them

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    Did you get them figured out? Repost with your answers if you want them checked.

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