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Multivariable Calculus

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I was asked to state as a product of speed and unit vector a mass traveling at 1000ft/sec along the vector <1,sqrt(3)>. I know that v/|v| gives me the unit vector, which is (1/2i, sqrt(3)/2j). Do I keep the speed as given?

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    "product"? What does that mean in vectors?

    I suspect the problem means NOT the product, but to indicate the velocity as a vector. IF so, then speed along the direction of the vector is 1000, but looking at the triangle (1,sqr3, 2) then

    velocity=1000*cosTheta *i + 1000*sinTheta*j
    = 500 i +866 j

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    velocty=500i +.573 j

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    Most probably I misunderstood the question and quite frankly I thought this might be the answer, but in the answer box it did ask for the unit vector and the speed, which confused me. (This is a problem that I have already answered rightly or wrongly).

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