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1. Political culture refers to (1 point)
a set of beliefs about the role of government in society.
~an overall set of values widely shared within a society.
how truly "American" someone is.
a high degree of homogeneity in political opinions.
the wide range of views held by a society.

2. Which of the following is NOT recognized as a value of the American political culture? (1 point)
popular sovereignty
~economic equality
civic duty
individual rights

3. Which would NOT be consistent with the American view of equality? (1 point)
All people should have the same political rights.
Government must treat all people the same.
All people should have the same chance to participate in the economic system.
~All people should be guaranteed equal economic results.
Government may not treat people differently.

4. According to Alexis de Tocqueville, a democratic republic took root in the United States for all of the following reasons EXCEPT (1 point)
the rigid class structure that took root.
~the absence of foreign intervention.
opportunities for people to acquire land.
opportunities to make a living.
the absence of a feudal aristocracy.

5. Congregational churches provided many Americans with all of the following EXCEPT (1 point)
opposition to the political values of the majority.
~a set of standards and morality.
political training and experience.
belief in a work ethic.
a commitment to community duty.

6. Which of the following statements about political ideology is correct? (1 point)
Political ideology has four important elements: liberty, equality, democracy, and civic duty.
Political ideology is a patterned set of ways of thinking about how politics and government should be carried out.
Political ideology is synonymous with political culture.
~People can share a common political culture but disagree on ideology.
Both B and D are correct.

7. The difference between a political ideology and a political culture is that (1 point)
the former deals with economic issues, the latter with sociological issues.
the former deals with means, the latter with goals.
~the former deals with what government should do, the latter with how government should operate.
the former deals with institutions, the latter with leadership.
the former deals with theories, the latter with reality.

8. There are more than two groups (liberal/conservative) in American political culture. Which term refers to the belief of limited government action in economy and conduct? (1 point)

9. Many elite and class theorists believe that ________ control(s) most government policy decisions. (1 point)
~the upper class and wealthy
multiple groups
the poor and the limousine liberals
a majority
the vast middle class

10. The chief difference between liberals and conservatives in the U.S. concerns their attitude toward (1 point)
freedom of religion.
the kind of economic system we should have.
individual rights.
~the proper role of government.

11. A problem with assigning political labels in the U.S. is that (1 point)
labels are meaningless.
~individuals and organizations can be liberal on some issues and conservative on others.
the Constitution doesn't adequately define political labels.
the labels frequently are too descriptive about an individual's views.

12. Conservatives would tend to favor each of the following EXCEPT (1 point)
~affirmative action.
low taxes.
increased military spending.
free-market solutions.
the right to life.

13. People who expect government to take an active role in helping solve social problems, such as poverty, are usually called (1 point)

14. The theory that argues that group competition results in a rough approximation of the public interest in public policy is (1 point)
~pluralist theory.
elite and class theory.
balance of power theory.
hyperpluralist theory.
bureaucratic theory.

15. Hyperpluralists would argue that (1 point)
~too many influential groups cripple government's ability to govern.
group competition will result in a rough approximation of the public interest.
too few groups lead to a proliferation of governments.
society is divided along class lines.
wealth is the basis of power.

  • Please check my U.S. Government answers! -

    You have these wrong:

    1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

  • Please check my U.S. Government answers! -

    i know for a fact that 1 is right... please explain why the others are wrong?

  • Please check my U.S. Government answers! -

    Oops -- I misread 3. Your answer is right.

    4. The U.S. Has never had a rigid class structure.

    5. Congregational Churches do provide moral and ethical standards.

    6. Don't you need to choose just one answer?

    7. I don't think a political culture tells how a government should operate.

  • Please check my U.S. Government answers! -

    Seven was correct.

    Political culture is defined as a commonly shared set of beliefs and values about politics and government. The culture affects how people believe that politics should be carried out. Most countries have a unique political culture affected by their history and people.

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