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Hello! I need help with my research regarding-- Twitter being used as a prime source for real time news.

Can anyone suggest a communication theory I can use for this study?

I was thinking about using the agenda-setting theory, but I need another theory aside from that. :)

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    From which set of communication theories are you supposed to choose?,mod=10&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

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    Any. :)

    I need a theory that supports how and why Twitter is being used as a prime source for real time news.

    I thought of comparing it with the newspaper and facebook.

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    You could also compare it as electronic, instant media to TV & radio. Remember that not everyone "does" Twitter and/or Facebook.

    I get news fastest via Twitter -- even faster than the TV stations' Fb pages or their websites!!

    Of course, how fast one gets news of any kind on Tw depends on whom he/she is following!

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