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I can answer this question, but I need to explain to our child how to solve it using the method requested, not an algebra solution. Child is becoming frustrated and confused while attempting to answer these questions. the instructions for solving, are try 3 numbers that add to the total with 2 numbers equal and the other 8 less then revise numbers till you get the answer. the question is: Jan, Mya And Sara ran a total of 64 miles last week. Jan and Mya ran the same number of miles. Sara ran 8 less miles than Jan and Mya. How many miles did Sara run?

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    OK, start with the total of 64.

    pick any three numbers as stated. I will to these: 20,20, 12
    They add to 52, not enough, but wse need, lets see, 64-52 is 12 more. Dividing that equally, that means we add 4 to each of the numbers: 24,24,16 Which add to 64.

    Again, another example: We pick three numbers, 30,30, 22 They add to 82, which is 18 too much. So divide 18 by three, reduce each of those numbers by six, which is 24,24, 16

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