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You have an aquarium for your new pet, “Shamu” the killer whale, that contains 100,000 pounds of ocean water with a salinity of 30 o/oo.

a. Calculate how many pounds of salt are currently in the aquarium.

b. You think Shamu may be allergic to salt, so you decide to decrease the salinity from 30 o/oo to 10 o/oo. Calculate below how much water you need to add to the aquarium.

c. After you added the water in step b., you find out you were wrong and must return the salinity to 30 o/oo by adding more salt. Calculate how much salt (total) you now need.

I need to know how to do the problems.

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    How much water must he add to make 500 millilitres of a drink

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    divide 240g in the ratio 5:3:4

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