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3 charges sit on vertical equilateral triangle the side of each is 30.0 cm. if the triangle are A= +4.0 uC B=+5.0 uC and C=+6.0 uC (clockwise from top) what is the force on each charge?

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    Look at the top. distance to each charge is .3 m. I assume you want the magnitude of the force, not direction.

    I will do A.

    ForceonA=forcefromB+force from C.

    Draw the duagran, Label the forces B, and C. Move force C to the end of A (as in adding verctors, the resultant is R

    Law of cosines:

    with some figuring, you see the angle between B, C is 120. So the internal angle in the parallelogram is then 60 deg.

    So what is B? k4mC*5mC/.3^2

    What is C? k4mC*6mC/.3^2

    There you go, solve it.

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