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sig figs

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I am having trouble with my sig figs

Many scientific data are reported at 25°C. What is this temperature in kelvins and in degrees Fahrenheit?

I got 3.0e2 degrees kelvin since it will have to have two sig figs but it said it was wrong

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    25 C is 77.0 F or 298.16 K.

    I would say your rounding it off to 3.0*10^2 K, for two significant figures, is correct.

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    You just confused the rules for adding and subtracting with sig figs for the rule for multiplying and dividing. 25 Celsius would be 298 Kelvins, and the rule for adding is to look at the least number of decimal places. Nothing before the decimal matters, and since neither 25 or 273 have any decimals, the answer is 298 K.

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