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Upon a flat only 10 m high (Is that possible?) there are two guns A and B attached together making a vertical angle of 60 degrees when A is flat on roof. They fire at the same time and has the same reloading time. Both guns are capable of giving an initial velocity of 5√3 to their bullets. If the 2nd bullet of A hits the 1st bullet of B in mid air, what's the reload time?

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    You have to figure where they hit. They ave the same horizontal distance, and same vertical final height at times separated by reload time.

    Vertical poistion:
    A) h=10-1/2 g (t-R)^2 where t is time in air of B, and R is reloadt time.
    B) h=10-5sqrt3sin60*t
    That t puts them at the same vertical height. So you have three unknowns, vertical height, t, and R. You have two equa;tions.
    Now considerhorizontal distance.
    A) d=5sqrt3*(t-R)
    B) d=5sqrt3*cos60*t
    set these two eqaul to get
    t-R=cos60t or 1.5t=R
    Now you have three equations, three unknowns.
    Have fun with the algebra. It should work out quickly.

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