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Fitness And Nutrition

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Which one of the following weight management plans is the most effective?

*A. One that can be followed over the course of a lifetime
B. One that requires specialty foods, such as canned drinks
C. One that causes a person to lose a lot of weight in a short time period
D. One that includes convenience foods that require little prep time

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    Well, let's go over it. 'A' is the plan that can be followed and used for a long period of time. 'B' is the plan that you have to go to a lot of stores to find one item. It would be tiring after a while. 'C' is the plan that in 1 week you lose, let's say 10 pounds. That's not healthy. We have to excess our fat evenly and it can take a long time. It depends on our genetics. 'D' is the plan that you can find your food products at a store that might not be far away from your house, and it requires little prep time.

    In my opinion, if I was going to attempt to make a weight management plan, I'd go along with the ideas 'A', and 'D'. If I had to choose only one, it'd be 'D'.

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