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Crucible Help!!

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In his autobiography Timebends, Arthur Miller writes that "the real story" of the Salem witch trials is to be found in "the breaking of charity" within a human community. Write a brief essay explaning what you think Miller means by this interesting statement, and suuport your opinion with evidence from the text. Conclude your essay with your reflection on whether "the breaking of charity" could destory a community today.

Please tell me what the hell its asking. PLEASE I suck at analyzing and I don't understand at all.!!!!!!!!

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    The breaking of charity in this situation means suspicions, rumors, and unfounded accusations can ruin relationships within a community. One critic compares the Crucible's poisonous aura with that of the U.S. in the McCarthy era.

    This site may help you.

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    What else? can you answer the question please? I need more and I need the answer to it.

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    how did rumors ruin the community in the play?

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