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I absolutely need help!!Math:/

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One liter of arterial blood at sea level contains approximately 3 mL of dissolved oxygen and 197 mL of oxygen bound to hemoglobin. If a normal individual has a cardiac output at rest of 5 liters per minute, how much oxygen is carried to the tissues per minute?

If the same individual begins to exercise and their cardiac output increases to 20 liters per minute, and the same amount of oxygen is carried per liter of blood, how much oxygen is carried to the tissues?

  • I absolutely need help!!Math:/ -

    200ml oxygen/liter * 5 Liters/min=1 1iter0xygen/min

  • I absolutely need help!!Math:/ -

    For part 2, multiply 200 ml/liter by 20 liter/min instead of 5 liter/min.

  • I absolutely need help!!Math:/ -

    oh, okay that makes sense its like a conversion factor. Thank you!

  • liear equation substitution method -

    -x+3y=11-3y 2x+8y=-6

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