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At the instant a traffic light turns green, an automobile that has been waiting at an intersection starts moving forward with a constant acceleration of 2.00m/s(squared). At the same time a truck traveling with a constant speed of 18m/s, overtakes and passes the automobile.
1.How for beyond the starting point does the automobile overtakes the truck?
2.How fast is the automobile traveling when it overtakes the truck?

Someone please help me with this question!!!

  • Physics -

    They both go the same distance, in the same time.

    distance car=1/2 *2*t^2
    set them equal, solve for time t.
    How far? 18t
    how fast auto? 2*t

  • Physics -

    How woukd you graph the position of each vehicle as a function of time.(0 being the traffic light)

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