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Just want to review my answer's with your's if it's not too much to ask for. Thank You!


1. You need to strengthen a slash on a muslin blouse that is being made for a holiday celebration.
Since muslin is a loosely woven fabric and the garment will be worn infrequently, what strengthening
method would be best?
A. Stay-stiching C. Facing
B. Staying D. Topstitching

2. A Mandarin collar is classified as which one of the following collar types?
A. Shank collar C. Stand collar
B. Flat collar D. Roll collar

3. Which of the following closures is not suitable for underwear?
A. Zipper C. Bound opening
B. Placket D. Slit opening

4. When neckline edges meet without an overlap, which of the following closures is most suitable?
A. Hook and eye C. Snap fastener
B. Shank button D. Trouser clip

5. The waist finish that’s considered the weakest finish is a/an
A. faced waistband. C. faced waistline.
B. petersham. D. elastic.

6. Which one of the following interfacings can be sewn into the seam?
A. Lightweight interfacing C. Heavyweight interfacing
B. Medium-weight interfacing D. Fusible interfacing

7. A continuous strip opening is most suitable for which of the following fabrics?
A. Wool C. Knit
B. Lightweight D. Jersey

8. An invisible zipper application is most suitable when used with which of the following fabrics?
A. Voile C. Pile fabrics
B. Cotton D. Nonwoven fabrics

9. A rippling effect at the neckline of a flat collar occurs because the
A. collar neckline is larger than the garment neckline.
B. collar is cut on the bias.
C. collar is cut too straight.
D. collar is cut too circular.

10. The outer edges of a stand collar are
A. larger. C. cut on the bias.
B. 1/8 in. smaller. D. the same.

  • Prac Exer For Instruc Pack 3 -

    3. A straight facing can be used to finish which one of the following?

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