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The queen asked her cook how many guests had attended a recent banquet. “I do not know, my lady” he said, “but every two guests shared a plate of fruit between them, every three used a bowl of broth among them, and every four shared a platter of beef. I used 65 serving dishes in all”. The queen was able to compute the number of guests using this information. How many guest were there?
please explain how you got it

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    Here is Steve's answer:

    g/2 + g/3 + g/4 = 65
    13g/12 = 65
    g = 60

    In the second line, he found the common denominator -- which is 12. Then he converted to equivalent fractions. : g/2 = 6g/12
    g/3 = 4g/12
    g/4 = 3g/12

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    O ok thanks i reaally appreciate it

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    You're welcome.

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