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Foreing languages

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Can you please check the following sentences? Thank you.

1) The fire officer warned us not to leave the heater on.
He warned us against leaving the heater on. (are they both possible?)
2) Opium is widely used in medicine to ease bodily pains. Can you think of any English authors who was prescribed this drug?
3) What characterized British social life in the Edwardian Age?
4) Which European state endangered British position in the Near East?
Which events led to the outbreak of World War I?
5) How did British society change between the two wars?
What did the women's social and political Union aim at/to?
6) She explained/added/confirmed/ that she had arrived.
(Are the verbs above always followed by "that"?)
7) He informed/announced/promised us that ....
He exclaimed,thought, complained, assured + that + he ....
He reported to us (?) that he had arrived

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    Please check your posts from yesterday. Then repost any further questions you have.

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