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could you please tell me how you got the answer reguarding the 2" pipe i would really appreciate it. Thanks

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    A pipe is 2" outside diameter and it has 3/16" walls .What is the inside diameter,?

    math - Ms. Sue, Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 3:50pm

    2 - 2(3/16)

    2 - 6/16 = 1 10/16 = 1 5/8

    I multiplied 3/16 by 2.

    2 * (3/16) = 6/16

    I subtracted the walls from the outside diameter.

    2 - 6/16 = 1 10/16

    Then I simplified that fraction.

    10/16 = 5/8

    This site may help you visualize that.

  • math -

    A standard basketball has a diameter of 9 9/16 inches (that is 9 inches and 9/16 of an inch). What sit he volume of air in the basketball?

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