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    His long, red beard fascinated the little boy.
    One scraggly, leafless plant sat in the window.
    I followed the trail of sticky, green goo.
    Roxanne showed me her new, wireless modem.
    An experienced mechanic, Alan, has a busy shop and a full schedule.
    Under the bed, in Jerriā€™s room, was my football.
    Pausing for a moment, Janice considered her answer.
    will be back...

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    I agree with you on all except #3.

    #15 is weird. I'd put a comma after business and before the single quotation mark ... but the other 3 are incorrect, too.

    In #17, I hope the book's title is in italics in your original!

    In #20, I hope that comma before your arrow was a typo!!

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    Maya has made errors.

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    #3, the answer is the third because there has to be a comma after Alan.
    #15, I'm really not sure about it either. It does look weird, but the first choice is the closest.
    #17, The book is in italic
    #20, the coma was a mistake i did.

    Thank you soo much for helping me.

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