calculus (check my work please)

posted by Jay

Not sure if it is right, I have check with the answer in the book and a few integral calculators but they seem to get a different answer

∫ sec^3(x)tan^3(x) dx
∫ sec^3(x)tan(x)(sec^2(x)-1) dx
∫ tan(x)sec(x)[sec^4(x)-sec^2(x)] dx
∫ tan(x)sec(x)[(tan^2(x)+1)^2-tan^2(x)-1] dx
∫ tan(x)sec(x)(1+2tan(x)+tan^2(x)-tan^2(x)-1) dx
∫ 2tan^2(x)sec(x) dx
∫ 2(sec^2(x)-1)sec(x) dx
∫ 2sec^3(x)-2sec(x) dx
2∫ sec^3(x) dx -2∫ sec(x) dx
*reduction formula

  1. Bosnian

    In google type:
    wolfram alpha

    When you see lis of results click on:

    Wolfram Alpha:Computational Knowledge Engine

    When page be open in rectangle type:

    integrate sec^3(x)tan^3(x) dx

    and click option =

    After few secons you will see result.

    Then click option Show steps

  2. Jay

    I did, I got a completely different result. Also, SAY SOMETHING USEFUL NEXT TIME!!! tired of you spamming that stupid reply

  3. Bosnian

    Try to simplify your "different answers".

    Probably your "different answers" is same solutions write in different form.

  4. Jay

    right, because my answer can be simplified into:


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