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calculus (check my work please)

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Not sure if it is right, I have check with the answer in the book and a few integral calculators but they seem to get a different answer

∫ sec^3(x)tan^3(x) dx
∫ sec^3(x)tan(x)(sec^2(x)-1) dx
∫ tan(x)sec(x)[sec^4(x)-sec^2(x)] dx
∫ tan(x)sec(x)[(tan^2(x)+1)^2-tan^2(x)-1] dx
∫ tan(x)sec(x)(1+2tan(x)+tan^2(x)-tan^2(x)-1) dx
∫ 2tan^2(x)sec(x) dx
∫ 2(sec^2(x)-1)sec(x) dx
∫ 2sec^3(x)-2sec(x) dx
2∫ sec^3(x) dx -2∫ sec(x) dx
*reduction formula

  • calculus (check my work please) -

    In google type:
    wolfram alpha

    When you see lis of results click on:

    Wolfram Alpha:Computational Knowledge Engine

    When page be open in rectangle type:

    integrate sec^3(x)tan^3(x) dx

    and click option =

    After few secons you will see result.

    Then click option Show steps

  • calculus (check my work please) -

    I did, I got a completely different result. Also, SAY SOMETHING USEFUL NEXT TIME!!! tired of you spamming that stupid reply

  • calculus (check my work please) -

    Try to simplify your "different answers".

    Probably your "different answers" is same solutions write in different form.

  • calculus (check my work please) -

    right, because my answer can be simplified into:


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