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(in this question they did not give me any diagrams)
use pie 22/7
(a) a piece of wire is bent to form a square of area 121cm squared

Calculate the length of each side of the square.
Calculate the perimeter of the square.

(b) the same piece of wire was bent to form a circle.

Calculate the radius of the circle.
Calculate the area of the circle.


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    first, it's "pi" not "pie"
    121 = 11^2, so the wire is bent into an 11×11 square. 4 sides of 11cm = 44cm perimeter.

    for a circle, the circumference is 2πr, and the area is πr^2. We have 122cm of wire, so c = 121. r = 121/2π = 19.26cm

    the area of the circle is πr^2 = π(c/2π)^2 = c^2/4π = 121^2/4π = 1165cm^2

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    How did you get 122cm of wire??

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    Come on, Indiana!

    Could you not see that Steve made a simple typing error??
    He did use the correct number of 121 in the very next line, so clearly no harm was done.

    Both his answers are correct.

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    A piece of wire is bent to form a square of area 121cm.

    a)the length of each side of the square

    b)the perimeter of the square

    The piece of wire is now bent to form a circle using π=3.14

    a)The radius of the circle

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    area of the square = 121cm²
    s² = 121
    s = square root of 121
    s = 11 cm
    the length of each side of the square is 11cm.
    perimeter of the square = 4s
    = 4*11
    = 44 cm
    length of the wire = c of circle
    121 cm = 2πr
    121 cm = 2*22/7* r
    r = 121 by 2 * 22/7
    r = 19.26 cm
    area of the circle = πr²
    = 22/7 * 19.26 * 19.26
    = 1165 cm²

    thank you!!

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