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PHI 103 Informal Logic

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I need major help with writing my final research paper. research paper are over whelming to me to information is need and its has to bee 6-8 i don't have that much to say.This is the topic "Is the death penalty just and applied fairly"?

  • PHI 103 Informal Logic -

    You have to break up large assignments like this into manageable "chunks" or you'll drive yourself nuts!

    Go here -- -- and use the Step by Step link to take you one step at a time through the research and writing process.

    Use Info Search and Links to help you through the researching part of the whole process. Don't even think about starting to write anything (except notes on what you read) until you have done most or all of your researching ... and even then, you'll probably find yourself going back to read and research some more once you start writing.

  • PHI 103 Informal Logic -

    You also will have to decide which side of this question you're on and stay there. If you try to write about both sides of this question, you'll end up with a wishy-washy paper.

    Once you choose which side you're on, go through these explanations about argumentative essays. That's what you'll be writing.

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