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Given the following properties, how much stretch would you expect to occur in a specimen of polyethylene to which a tensile load is applied?

l = change in length
Length = 10 cm
Cross-Sectional Area = 1 cm2
Young's Modulus = 200 GPa
Applied Load = 1000 kN

Find answer in cm.

The answer is 0.5 cm; however, I cannot figure out how to find this answer. Any help is appreciated.

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    Lengthchange= length*load/Y *1/area
    = .1m*1000kN/200GN/m^2*1/1E-4m^2=
    =.1*1E6/200E9 *1/E-4=.1/2 * 1E(6-11+4)
    = .05E-1 m=.5cm

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    Where did you find this equation? I didn't find anything like that.

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