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Thank you very much, Writeacher.
1) Can you help me find online exercises on sentence connectors (expressing addition, contrast, etc). I need my students to practise how to write a cohesive paragraph (including an introduction and a conclusion).
By the way, I need to find a website explaining the relatioship between Orwell's 1984 and totalitarianism.

3) Here is the last part of the summary.
Thank you for your invaluable help!

1) He visits a reservation in ... Here he meets a “savage” called John whom he manages to bring back to London. John, however, is no ordinary savage.
2) Actually, he is different also because he is the natural child of a Beta woman who once got lost in the reservation. He has learned English by reading the works of Shakespeare.
3) John is at first fascinated by the efficiency and functionality of the new world but is soon disturbed by its darker side, its infantile culture of self gratification, the absence of free will and personal identity and the enslavement of the lower orders.
4)Eventually, he leaves London to try to live a solitary existence in a lighthouse, but his eccentric lifestyle soon makes him a figure of amusement for tourists in London.
5) At the end of the book, realizing there is no way out, he commits suicide. His death conveys a feeling of deep pessimism about the future of the brave new world.

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