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What are two techniques used in the painting Peasant with Hoe by Georges Seurat? Thank you.

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    Read carefully and let us know what you learn.

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    crosshatched brushstrokes and
    chromoluminarism? Am i right?

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    And those "distinct daubs" ...

    ... and be ready to define chromoluminarism if you have to. Do you understand what it is?

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    oh wait, it says critics renamed it pointillism which is the use of small dots of pure color applied in patterns to form an image.

    So I should go with Crosshatched brush strokes, and pointillism right?

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    Yes, those two are the techniques he's most famous for!

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    Ok thank you. Also, I have another art work, but its a sculpture. Its called Veranda Post it was made by the Yoruba people, It wont let me send you the link.. But i need to write the two techniques for that also. I found it on a museum website called the national museum of African Art in Washington, D.C. and you go to collection, then to Disney-Tishman Highlights. But i think the two techniques are carving, and painting. Im not sure if painting is considered a technique though

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    I couldn't find anything there called Veranda Post.

    Is this it?

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    no, search the National Museum of African Art and it should be the first one. Click it, and when your on the website, at the top click on collections. Then on the left hand side on the blue bar, click collections again. Then on the left hand side, click Disney-Tishman Highlights. And the Veranda Post should be on the first page.

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    (Broken Link Removed)

    This one?

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    yes that's it

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    Yes, I agree -- carving* and painting.

    * "...his style, especially the extensive incised geometric patterns, is unique."

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    kk thank you :)

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    You're very welcome.

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