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Which of the following was true of the Know-Nothing party?
A. It focused on containing the expansion of slavery.
B. It wanted to undermine immigrant voting strength.
C. It rejected nativism.
D. It gained the widespread support of new immigrants.

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    A, C and D are wildly wrong.

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    I've deleted your last ten multiple-choice social studies questions because it's obvious you're trying to cheat and get someone else to give you the answers.

    If you want help from Jiskha tutors, please indicate your answers along with your questions.

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    Can I chuckle at that? Its sad how all the kids have now began to use the internet to cheat. The internet have done some bad things...

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    miss sue is a liar didn't you cheat as well and why are you trying to cover your own work hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm very mean

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