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Can someone explain How to embody education. I need to write a paper on How I embody the mission of my school.

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    Education is not a tangible thing, it is a spirit, or quality of the measure of what a person knows, how they use that information, and how they seek additional information.

    We do this by establishing and using libraries, schools, study habits, notetaking, speaking, writing, analyzing, respecting opinions, culture, and beliefs of others. We make education a life pursuit. We provide it free to others. We encourage reading, analysis, and criticism.

    Emboding means giving tangible and measurable outcomes to a spirit.

    How do you embody the mission of your school?

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    Can someone explain How to embody education. I need to write a paper on How I embody the mission of my school.

    First of all find out your school's mission statement. It should be listed in the front of the yearbook, posted on a wall in the office or the main hallway of the school or ask your counselor or principal.

    Secondly, brainstorm a list of everyday activities you do, thoughts you engage in and academic goals you wish to meet.

    Thirdly, compare your list with the mission of the school. Look for similarities.

    Those similarities will reflect how you embody the mission of your school.

    Now you can write your paper.

    If you do not find similarities then go to a different school (just kidding...)
    start inculcating parts of the school's mission statement into your daily activities, thoughts and academic goals. You can write your paper from this point of view as well.

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