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Volume of HCl, mL:26.5mL
Volume of NaOH,mL:29.1mL
Molarity of NaOH, mol/L:0.1m/L

balanced equation: NaOh+HCl-->NaCl+H2O

Using the above equation calculate the number of moles of acid required to react with 2.91 moles of base.

Please help me I have no idea what to do.

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    Just use the definition. What is molarity? It is M = moles/L.
    So plug in L and M and you can calculate mols. Or you can rearrange the M = mols/L to M x L = mols. Just apply what you know and this stuff won't get the best of you. Have fun.

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    Look, why don't you guys just come out with the answer and then explain how you got it instead of leaving it up for the other person to figure it out.

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