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I hope you can check these two long-winded sentences.Thank you

1) Pamela is writing to her family to tell her mum what happened to her, by accusing her master of hsi behaviour.
2) While they were in the summer house, Mr B kissed her but she had never talked about it to anybody.
3) Mr B discovers her while she is writing and he apologizes to her for what happened trying to find an excuse.
4) Once back home the words Gulliver uses to describe his feeings for his family are hate and disgust.
5) When his wife puts her arms aroung him and kisses him he faints.
He explaing this by saying that he has not been used to being touched by such a horrible animal.
6) He decides to pass (spend the rest of his life) in the stable among his beloved horses.
7) Pamela is also the first example of psychological novel in English literature since the heroine's personality is analyzed in depth.

  • Foreign languages -

    1. ... his behaviour.

    2. comma needed

    3. two commas needed

    4. comma needed

    5. spelling (2 errors) and comma needed

    6. Don't use "pass" in this context.

    7. OK

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