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For spelling I have to do 4 pages of spelling. I am choosing to do a story. And I want to use 12 out of the 16 words. The words I am using are:
Can you make a story for me using those 12 words. Im in 6th grade so it has to school alowed.


    I COULD write a story for you -- but I WON'T.

    As a teacher, I want you to learn. You wouldn't learn much if you just copied a story that someone else wrote.

    I'm sure you don't want to be an ignorant cheater.


    I wouldnt copy and I wrote 4 diffrent storys today for spelling!!! And I wouldnt copy because im not like that. I just want something to look at to give me some cool ideas. That's all. Sorry if you think im a cheater because im not.
    Sorry if you feel that way.
    I just wanted to somthing to give me idea and somthing to look at. NOT TO CHEAT OR COPY.


    Or I can have a couple character names so I ca put in my play.


    Will my teacher eject me from class and from school if I copy someone else's essay? If she doesn't eject me, will she still consider me to be morally bankrupt? I asked someone to write my story for me, but she objected. She projected onto me the motive of using the sample story I asked for as the actual story I would turn in to my professor. I reject her accusation. But, I feel angry and this has ruptured out friendship. The whole issue of asking others to draft an essay for me is disrupting my homework time. People are accusing me of being corrupt and bankrupt, but I'm not! What a terrific eruption of moral indignation over a simple request! What a lot of emotional turmoil over a minor project. When I'm studying, I can do without this disruption. Please don't interrupt me while I'm venting!

  • oooooh Spelling help story.... -

    Oooooooh.... Like that story.

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