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Thank you for asking me about the earthquake which struck this morning near Bologna and has already killed 4 people. Luckily, we haven't felt it since we live further north!

I find it difficult to check the following paragraphs in which tenses are mixed and the word choice is sometimes wrong. I hope you can help me.

1) Pamela is writing to her mum about what has happened to her in the country house.
2) One day Mr B tried to kiss her neck but she refused his advance. At the end of he novel, in particular in the fourth book, the married life of Pamela and Mr. B is described.
3) Before the wedding she was the servant girl of Lady B. Now she has improved her social status by marrying Mr. B. This is why the novel is subtitled like that.
4) We included unnecessary (unrequested) details failing to answer most of the questions.
On his last voyage he meets the H…, horses that have an important feature: the reason.
5) On the island there are also the Y….., less important animals similar to human beings.
6) When he comes back to England, he can stand no more the smell of humanity (correction: he can’t stand the smell of humanity any more/any longer). He goes to live in the stable like an animal.

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    Is this a student's writing? One big problem with this write-up is that it's not in chronological order as the events occur in the story. If it were in chronological order, it would be easier to correct the tenses ... and for the student to understand why.

    It would also help if you didn't separate the sentences, but kept each group of related sentences together.

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