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Thank you, Writeacher.
I checked the sentece you couldn't understand and I added a few other things.

1) He was responsible to the king for the governement's policy.
2) The horses, which Gulliver meets in his fourth voyage, are described as beautiful, strong, fast and wise creatures.
3) Gulliver admires them for these reasons and calls them masters and friends but he also tries to imitate them.
4) But at the end of the story (?) he has to admit that he is more similar to the ... than to the horses even if he tried (tries) to lose his human peculiarities.
5) When he gets back home, he finds himself displaced: he can't stand his family, his friends and, most of all, their smell. This is why he decides to leave town again and go living in the countryside.
6) He misses the horses and doesn't want to stay with his family any more.

  • Art -

    1. OK

    2. comma needed

    3. comma needed

    4. comma needed -- use "tries" not past tense

    5. OK

    6. OK

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