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An electric drill operates at a potential difference of 120V and draws a current of 1.5 Amps. If it takes 50 seconds to drill a hole in a piece of steel,calculate the amount of electrical energy used by the drill in that time.

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    And the phase angle (power factor) is what?

    I assume your teacher wants you to ignore that power drills are not inductive.

    With that imagination,

    power= energy/time
    energy= power*time= VI*time=120*1.5*50 joules

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    Hi bob, could you explain how you came to that calculation, please.
    As in where did the 1.5 come from, and the 50 joules(it was 50 seconds) I'm lost, could you help?

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    = Voltageinvolts*CurrentinAmps*timeinSeconds

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    Ahhh so its 120*7.5*50seconds
    7.5 being the amps that the drill draws and 50 being the time and 120 being the voltage.

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