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Could you please check these examples and tell me if the sentences in brakets are possible? Thank you , Writeacher

1)Her boss is going to ask her out for dinner next Saturday.
2) The line is engaged. Would you like to hold? (Not: would you hold?)
3.Our coach told us that the football match had been/was called off because of the snow/ for the snow is possible?
4.He asked us to call on him tomorrow/the following day after school.
5. We were asked to check out (the room (no)/of the room is ok?) by 10 am.
6. Peter helped me to do up the zip.
7. I gave away my old chairs when I moved into a new house. (moved/changed house are mistakes?)
8. The class tests must be handed (gave in ??) in to the teacher by the end of the week.

  • Art -

    2. or ... The line is busy. Would you hold?

    3. "because of..." but not "for"

    5. ... to check out of the room...

    6. I don't know what "the zip" is.

    7 & 8. The wording in parentheses won't work.

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