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Write the formulas for the following substances as they would appear in a total ionic equation:

a) Aqueous acetic acid
b) solid lithium carbonate
c) Aqueous ammonia
d) Aqueous sodium dihydrogen phosphate

I don't know, do we have to write the formula [like ammonia is NH3] Or something else. PLEASE HELP ME with at least 2 or 3 of them. THANX!!


    It isn't exactly clear but I assume what the problem is asking is for you to know how to display the formula in net ionic equations. Remember when converting a molecular equation to a net ionic equation you write
    1. gases as molecules.
    2. insoluble substances as molecules.
    3. Weak electrolytes as molecules.
    4. Everything else as ions.
    Is that what you think? In answer to the NH3 question, yes, you write aq NH3 as NH3 since it is a weak base.
    NaH2PO4 would be written as the ions; i.e., Na+ + H2PO4^-


    yeah i get that, and so what would you write acetic acid as, just the same??
    And also thanx for explaining above


    Acetic acid is a weak acid; we would write that as CH3COOH if we have the problem figures out right.

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