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I still have a few doubts on some corrections you did yesterday, Writeacher.

Could you please check them? Thank you very much.

1)It took me a long time to grow into the job. (Also: It took a long time for me to grow into.....?)
2) She handed down a precious string of pearl to me. (Why is "to me" wrong?)
3) They didn't manage to figure out a way to solve the problem.
4) She offered to drop me off at the bank.
5) She gave up (why is up wrong?) her seat to a white man.
You shouldn't keep any secrets from your parents.
6) She handed over all her money to charity.
7) We arrived late because an accident held up the traffic for more than an hour.
The teacher discovered that Mary had made up the whole story.

  • Art -

    1. Both expressions are fine.

    2. ...string of pearls ...
    It's not wrong; it's just unnecessary. Unless you name someone else that she handed the pearls down to, the assumption is that the "me" in the sentence was the recipient.

    3. OK

    4. OK

    5. I'd need to see the original sentence to make the comparison.

    6. It would be a smoother sentence to move "over" so it occurs right after "money."

    7. OK

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