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I need to write and essay answering this question but I cant find a good article. Please help.

"What responsibilities does the individual play in selecting food choices? Should the individual in turn bear the full expense that the health care industry experiences as a result of his or hers bad choices?"

  1. bobpursley

    good article? Since when do you need an article to write an essay? Surely you don't intend to "paraphrase".

    Why don't you just think this out. Thoreau, nor Emerson did not seek out other articles when writing their wonderful essays. I recommend you read a couple of those to see what I mean.



    If I were to pick just one, it would be this:

  2. Nancy

    My own opinion on this issue is that it is past time for the government to take some responsibility in legislating the food products/garbage that is so heavily marketed through advertising--the detrimental effects of eating junk foods that lead to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity affects the costs of health insurance for those people who DON'T KNOW any better. $$ should be spent in education about the calories/fat/genetically modified foods that are being sold as "organic" or fatfree or low fat. Look to Dr. Oz website for discussions.

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