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I left out the following statements. I really need your revision. Thank you.

1) He keeps her (virtually) prisoner in his country house.
2)While she is wriing to her mum, her master surprises her. He accuses her of behaving foolishly for she informed both her parents and his housekeeper about the incident in the summer house.
3) One day in the summer house he had put(put) his arm around her without warning and kissed her.
4) She protested strongly and he offered her gold to keep the incident a secret.
She refused the money , wrote to her parents about the incident and told his housekeeper about it.
5) He says that on that occasion he didn't want to do her any harm
Then he scolds her again and calls her equivocator.
6) She begs him not to be angry with her and runs away into her room shutting the door behind her.
He has already got hold of her dress, which now hangs from the closet door.
7) When she comes to, her master tells her that if she were wise, she wouldn't ("shouldn't is a mistake?) tell about the matter to anyone.
She confesses that she asked her parents for advice because her heart was almost broken.

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    If this is relating what happens during a story, all these verbs need to be in present tense.

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