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Place a comma where necessary and a semicolon where necessary.
1) I will not buy that that carp it is far too expensive.
2) He still cannot use Word consequently, Tara must stay here.
3) I noticed the baker, Ian, jogging in the park every day but he never seemed to get any slimmer.
4) The expedition will include Dr Evans the senior medical officer Alan Marks the team leader Martin Dodds and Simon Dodds (not related) the base-camp commanders and Jane Lothian the expedition botanist.
5) Robert went to the show, he bought a lot of new cards.
6) If Mary runs in the race, she will certainly win.
7) The school year is already too long, we do not need to add days.
8) Snow is beautiful to watch, it seems so peaceful .
9) You should check the oil in your car, proper maintenance will make the
car last much longer.
10) Robert went to the show and he bought a lot of new cards.
11) I studied for six hours for the test but I did not feel confident.
12) You can buy a new house, or you can save money with a "handy
man's special."
13) She went to the store and bought several items on sale.
14) Oscar was not hurt in the accident so he felt very fortunate.
15) Janie liked eggs however she did not like them for breakfast.

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