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Find the independent clauses and the dependent clauses.Write wether it is complex or compound-complex

1)Mr and Mrs Johnson play golf(ind) when the weather is warm.(dep)complex

2)What I would like is a vacation.

3)Alicia works at the daycare center that is located next to the high school,
(ind)and her sister works there,too.(dep)compound complex

4)Because of bad weather,(dep)the game was canceled,(ind)but it will be played tomorrow.(ind) compound complex

5)Both of us knows that we must study hard,(Ind) or we will not get into good colleges.(dep) comp complex

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    1 and 3 are correct.

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    2)dep clause, complex

    4)what is wrong in 4is it all tell me where?

    5)both of us know (ind)that we must study hard,(dep)or we will not get into good colleges,(ind) is compound complex

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    2 is now correct. Do you know which words make up the dep cl?

    5 is now correct.

    Look at 4 by isolating the clauses and ignoring the phrases; "Because of bad weather" is not a clause.

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    4)Because of bad weather,the game was canceled,(ind)but it will be played tomorrow.(dep) and is compound complex

    IS it better now?

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    4 is still incorrect.

    What is a sentence called when two clauses are joined by a coordinating conjunction?

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    the sentence is complex

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    4)ok, it has to be compound ? But in my question I have only 2 choices either complex or compound-complex

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    Then there's an error in your text or test. If that first phrase had been a clause, the sentence would have been a compound-complex.

    Complain to your instructor!

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